Duet for body and scanner feat. Federica Dauri
2017 | Audiovisual Performance-Installation

The body as a score.
“Topology of the sonic body” is an audio-visual body-installation, investigating the sonic properties of the performing body and its curvature in space through sound.
"The Sonic Body" - Interview with Federica Dauri & Antoni Rayzhekov — Sep 19, 2017 at Schloss-post

Première: 23/09/2017 @ Digital Arts Festival - National Academy of Arts - Sofia, Bulgaria


after Johannes Cladder's The Secrect Corner (1984)
2017 | net-art

The Secret Corner online is a project by Antoni Rayzhekov and Jean-Baptiste Joly with the participation of Hagen Betzwieser (camera interviews) according to an idea by Jacques Caumont. Online from September 14, 2017.

Exhibition opening: 14/09/2017 - Akademie Schloss Solitude, Germany / Internet


for Cheese and Modified Microscope
2017 | audiovisual performance-installation

An old microscope is transformed into an audiovisual instrument, revealing the hidden structures of the special PINZGAU cheese, being read as a musical score. The project explores the relation between structure and chaos as a score.

Public presentation: 09/09/2017 @ Ortung Sthulfelden, Austria


for extended piano and performer
2016 | Performance

The piece RE_SONANCE was written during the residency at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart in 2016 as an attempt to explore my idiosyncratic way of playing piano. The research continued in 2017 within the Artist-in-Residence program of SubNET and Center for Human-Computer Interaction at University of Salzburg as a research in Biologically-Augmented Audiovisual instruments.

More in the Interview: Biologically-Augmented Piano @ SchlossPost

Première: 24/06/2016 @ Sommerfest - Akademie Schloss Solitude - Stuttgart, Germany

Photo by Judith Engel


solo for stressed performer
feat. Katharina Koeller
2016 | Audiovisual Composition

SOMAPHONY is a project commissioned by Intel in 2016, resulted in an audiovisual composition that can be played as an instrument and is embodied in a physical object representing the interface to the composition itself. The interface is named - SOMAPHONE - a device integrating generative music and visualization technology in one combined audio-visual instrument. It uses biofeedback, such as heart-rate, Galvanic Skin Response, movement and gestures as a natural and expressive interaction between the composition and the performer. more...
Team: Katharina Koeller, Antoni Rayzhekov, Dimiter Ovtcharov, Niki Malinov
Première: MusicTechFest 2016 - Berlin, Germany


for Two Amplified Bodies and Surveilled Audience
2014/2015 | Audiovisual Performance-Installation

feat. Antoni Rayzhekov & Katharina Koeller @ Theater Spielraum, Vienna - Festival KulturHerbst

“10VE” is an audiovisual performance installation investigating on the relationship between surveillance and private space by interconnecting performers and audience using motion tracking, sonification of biofeedback and movement. more...

Première: 24-26/09/2014 @ Old City Prison - ATALAIA Artes Performativas - Ourique, Portigal
“Content Award 2015” category “Sound & Vision" - Vienna, Austria

Photo by Dimiter Ovtcharov


for Two Amplified Bodies
2014 | Performance / Video Installation

feat. Antoni Rayzhekov & Katharina Koeller

10VE:SEQUENCE FOR TWO is a duet for two amplified bodies equipped with wireless biofeedback and movement devices, measuring the performers heart-rate, stress-level, breath and movement. The synchronizations and correlations of the signals generate a musical representation of the occurring processes between their bodies.

ATALAIA Artes - Artist In Residence
Duration: 3:50", format: HD Video, filmed 2014 at Cineteatro, Ourique - Portugal

2016.04 Athens Biennale - Transmission Art Festival - Athens, Greece
2016.01 Athens Video Dance Project 2016 - Athens, Greece


Duet for Step-Dancer and Chello-Plate
2014 | Audiovisual Performance

A reactive audio-visual environment is acting as a performative instrument and a partner. An examination of the emerging creative digital behaviours as a part of nature. The project is an investigation on how to co-exist in such new environments by researching on new choreographic strategies emerging from it. In collaboration with WOOGURU
Theater Spielraum - Vienna, Austria

Première: ALL THAT's JAZZ Festival - curated by Moving Poets at Kunst am Spreeknie - Schöneweide Art Festival
Novilla Art Space - Berlin, Germany


for Confused Audiovisual Machine
2014 | Audiovisual Installation

Self_Assembling_Sym_Phony is a participatory generative audio-visual composition, physically embodied as a 3D projection mapping audio-visual installation of a self assembling musical piece.

White Room @ Kunstraum Pro Arte Hallein, Austria
11 September - 04 October 2014
Group Exhibition: Schnittschtelle 2014 - Selbstassemblierung

Black Room @ Schmiede Festival, Hallein Austria
11. – 21. SEPTEMBER 2014, Alten Salzfabrik - Perner Insel - Hallein, Austria


2013/2014 | Audiovisual Installation
Concept, Music & Animation by Antoni Rayzhekov

MOTHERBOX is series of site-specific audiovisual installations representing
“gates” or glitches between the digital and the physical reality.

Falmouth City Library 3D model by John Lee [2014]
Dungeon 3D model by Emanuel Andel & Antoni Rayzhekov [2013]


Audio visual concert for Harp & Hang, SpaceTime Helix and Reactive Visuals
2014 | Audiovisual Performance

An experiment between Martina Stock & Christian Schratt, Michela Pelusio and Antoni Rayzhekov - produced at Schmiede "RETURN" 2013 Hallein - Austria

Photo by Jannik Weylandt


2013 | Audiovisual Performance

A study in motion-tracking, generative visual and sonic material, developed in collaboration with Federica Dauri and Alberto Novello, during our residencies at STEIM & DansMakers 2013 in Amsterdam - The Netherlands


2013 | Performance


Epi::Akten is a performance-study in real-time motion-tracking & sonification of body movement with Federica Dauri and Alberto Novello, during our residency at Trasformatorio Zero in Montalbano Castle, Sicily - Italy, including a participation at T.Off festival for contemporary dance in Cagliari, Sardinia - Italy in 2013.


Ciference Symphony & This.Play
2013 | Media enhanced acoustic performance

Collaboration with Martina Stock, Christian Schratt and This.Play
a.k.a Antoni Rayzhekov & Emanuel Andel

Watertower in Vienna - Austria

People Move People

collaboration with Martina Stock
2013 | Participatory Audiovisual Installation
People Move People

Collaboration with Martina Stock presented at "Lange Nacht der Museen" 2013
Stadtgalerie Salzburg - Austria

Quantum Picture III

2013 | Participatory Audiovisual Installation
Quantum Picture III feat. Sara De Santis

Showcase of Fascinate Conference 2013 - Falmouth - UK
Open rehearsal with Sara de Santis

Quantum Picture II

2013 | Participatory Audiovisual Installation
Quantum Picture II

Trasformatorio Zero
Montalbano Castle, Sicily - Italy

Quantum Picture I

2012 | Participatory Audiovisual Installation
Quantum Picture I

Quantum Picture series is a performative audio-visual installation sensitive to movement. An image is being constantly processed based on the viewer's movement by using computer vision and image analysis. The process is irreversible, the original is lost and one can see only fragments of the initial image and sounds remained from the last visitor. The quantum state of the installation is being altered in the process of observation. The project is inspired by the principals of quantum mechanics and quantum measurement.

Q202, Vienna - Austria


2012 | Audio-visual interactive environment
collaboration with M. Benayoun / L. Stergiou / E. Andel

By Maurice Benayoun in cooperation with This.Play a.k.a Antoni Rayzhekov and Emanuel Andel, curated by Lina Stergiou at Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center 2012 in Athens - Greece

Photo by Maurice Benayoun

Virtual Insanity

2011/2012 | Visual-active dance theatre
Flowmotion Dance Company / M. Zeplichal / A. Rayzhekov / E. Andel
Virtual Insanity

A project by Flowmotion Dance Company, generative animation by Martin Zeplichal, motion tracking by This.Play a.k.a Antoni Rayzhekov and Emanuel Andel

DSCHUNGEL theater 2011/2012 in Vienna - Austria


2012 | Re-Active Audiovisual Performance

Experiment with interactive visualisations, motion tracking and generative sound with This.Play a.k.a Antoni Rayzhekov & Emanuel Andel, Mathias Husinsky and Andreas 'Muk' Haider

Schmiede "Zero"

Hallein - Austria


2009 | Site-specific stream-theatre performance
based on Harold Pinter's texts, director Antoni Rayzhekov

Site-spacific stream-theater performance based on Harold Pinter's texts with Bilyana Kazakova, Peter Peykov and Janet Yovcheva at A:part:mental 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Photo by Yovko Lambrev


2008/2009 | Theater performance
based on Samuel Beckett's "Krapp's last tape" with Naum Shopov
director Antoni Rayzhekov

KRAPP is a theatre performance based on Samuel Beckett's text "KRAPP`s last tape" monodrama with Naum Shopov
staging: Naum Shopov
director and music: Antoni Rayzhekov
stage design:Elena Ivanova
voices: Valentin Ganev, Hristo Cheshmedjiev

The National Theater "Ivan Vazov", Sofia - Bulgaria


2005/2006 | Site-specific Theater Performance
by Jon Fosse, director Peter Stoyschev

Site specific theater performance based on Jon Fosse's play.
Director Peter Stoyschev, with Vesela Kazakova, Antoni Rayzhekov and Bojidar Popchev
Music by Antoni Rayzhekov and Vesela Kazakova

Hambara 2005/2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Photo by Yovko Lambrev / Rumen Vassilev